Preparing for the new TELPAS

New preparation techniques are required to prepare for the new TELPAS test.

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New expectations for students Positive Learning helps students prepare for TELPAS

New expectations for students Positive Learning helps students prepare for TELPAS

Get students online

With TELPAS going online this year, students need to feel comfortable interacting with a computer in ways that may be unfamiliar. ELLs may be comfortable reading and even writing on a computer, but often struggle with new interactions. Make sure students have regular experience doing school work online, not simply scrolling through a social media feed.

Combine listening and speaking

Students need to get used to hearing and understanding rigorous spoken academic language so they can comprehend and respond. Without practice listening to audio or recording themselves in a safe environment, students may not be confident putting their best foot forward on the test. Don't let the TELPAS test be the first time a student records their own voice.

Preparing with Positive Learning

Academic vocabulary plays an important part of the TELPAS test, and is the focus of the Positive Learning system. The system was designed specifically for ELLs and is scaffolded for their unique needs so they can learn academic vocabulary in a way that is accessible, rigorous, and age appropriate.

Real practice

The system provides students with opportunities to apply what they have learned through real listening and speaking opportunities to build academic language proficiency. Students are asked to listen and record a response. They can listen to themselves and re-record if they want to improve their first response.

Teachers need preparation too!

Professional development is an essential ingredient to ensure teachers can provide the support students need. Our Education Solutions team can customize a PD to meet your specific needs, and empower them with all the tools that Positive Learning has to offer.

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