Positive Learning helps ELLs learn the academic vocabulary they need to access core curriculum, participate, and succeed in their classes.

Vocabulary front-loading

ELLs go through supplemental digital packets so they can arrive prepared to engage in class. Students get exposure to words and phrases, in context, they will hear the next day, helping them be comfortable and confident participating in class.


Paired with classroom instruction

In seconds, teachers can send packets to students based on what is being taught in the classroom. Packets use effective, established ELL instruction methods to engage students early in the learning process.


Language development monitoring

Using built-in, standards-aligned language development rubrics, any teacher can quickly perform authentic assessments of ELP. Assessment results give teachers and administrators unprecedented year-round language development progress data. 

Web application

Computer, tablet, and smartphone compatible

Standards aligned

ELP and state learning standards

Research based

Built on empirically supported ELL pedagogical strategies

Included Services

Online & onsite training. Live support built into the product


Positive Learning helps districts and schools


Increase classroom participation


Improve readiness for end-of-year testing


Increase passing rates

Federal Compliance

Positive Learning helps ELLs learn and understand academic vocabulary, as well as see real life application of the content they are learning. This is a unique product that I believe will be instrumental in empowering ELLs and fostering student success.
— Bryan R. Waite, Ph.D. | Director of Intercultural Academic Programming, UVU