A unique approach to supporting ELLs

The Positive Learning system is an online, academic language program for helping ELLs learn the academic language and access the curriculum they need to succeed. Unlike most digital learning programs, teachers take the starring role in supporting students during class and before class.

Prepare to Participate

Language acquisition experts recommend pre-teaching ELLs academic vocabulary, but finding, differentiating, and distributing content for each ELL is an insurmountable challenge with the resources available to most schools. With the Positive Learning system, teachers can easily make effective pre-teaching part of their day-to-day. Students come to class ready to access content, feeling more confident and engaged, making them less likely to have to retake courses.



Front loading without overloading


Read With Me

ELLs both see the text and hear it read aloud to them at a speed that is appropriate to their proficiency level. As each word is read, the word is highlighted so students can associate the word with the sound, simultaneously building reading and listening fluency.

Instructive Illustrations

Primers use illustrations that clarify the content on each page, making the concepts more accessible to ELLs. Visual Anchors are repeated across primers, helping students relate previous concepts to new ones.


Real-world examples, geared to teens

Primers build on what students already know, and use stories that relate to students’ lives and experiences, like part time jobs, waiting in the lunch line, or going to the movies, making it easy for students to connect with the content.

Accessible Dictionary

Each vocabulary word is accompanied by an image that illustrates the meaning, making the definitions even more accessible and memorable.

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Positive Learning helps districts and schools


Increase classroom participation


Improve readiness for end-of-year testing


Increase pass rates

Comply with federal requirements

When they see the vocabulary in the Primer, it’s in context, so now they know what is going on in class. On day one using the product, I was almost in tears. They were 100% engaged the whole time, it was awesome.
— Christina Wiseman, Math Department Chair, ESL Lead Teacher
Positive Learning helps ELLs learn and understand academic vocabulary, as well as see real life application of the content they are learning. This is a unique product that I believe will be instrumental in empowering ELLs and fostering student success.
— Bryan R. Waite, Ph.D. | Director of Intercultural Academic Programming, UVU

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Who are we?

Positive Learning is an ed tech startup founded in 2016 by ed tech veterans who are committed to helping districts close the achievement gap for ELLs. Combining specialized technology with a unique curriculum of pre-lessons, the team has built the system with deep respect for both the hard work of every educator and the background and potential of every student.