Beating the Summer Slide

Beating the Summer Slide-2.jpg

It’s almost summertime! And even though the students get fidgety as the days grow warmer, you just have to make one final push so summer becomes a time of growth for students. With parent teacher conferences and end-of-the-year examinations, it’s the perfect time to sit down with parents to create a summer plan. Most parents don’t realize that their children can quickly fall behind during the break, but you can suggest a few fun, yet effective ways, to help parents and kids make the most of their summer.

There are many resources available to help students stay grade-level as they enjoy their time off. Here are some of the ideas that we liked best for students K-8:

·         “Shopaholic”: figure out how many things you can buy at a store with a $5 bill

·         100% delicious: challenge your student to create sundaes using fractions (1/3 chocolate and 2/3 vanilla, or ½ strawberry and ½ vanilla)

·         Record breakers: get your student active swimming, biking, running or rollerblading, and record each time. After multiple runs, graph the results.

·         Summer sleuth: for an older student, invite her to follow a story in your local newspaper and have her give reports as the events unfold.

Of course, kids always want screen time, and Positive Learning can make that time more meaningful. Remind students and parents that the games and resources in each student’s account can be used all year long.