TOTW – Todd Nesloney

Todd Nesloney

Where do you teach?
Fields Store Elementary School, Waller, TX

What grade and subject(s) do you teach?
5th grade/ math and social studies

How did you discover your love for EdTech?
I’ve always been an avid user of technology, and I firmly believe that as teachers our number one job is to prepare our students for the world they’ll be entering as they grow up. If we aren’t using technology in the classroom, then we are doing our students a disservice because we are NOT preparing them for the real world: a world where all of us use technology every day. Just using a computer in class just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m passionate about showing other educators just how easy it us to use technology in the classroom seamlessly to help students become more connected with what they’re being taught.

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Meet Todd

Todd: My name is Todd Nesloney, I teach 5th grade in Fields Store Elementary in Waller, Texas.

He is doing great things in his class.

Todd: And so in about October of our school year, about a month in I decided to do a flipped PBL model where they would still go home and watch the instructional videos at home, but when they would come into class, it was completely project based, we didn’t do any test formatted questions, we didn’t do any worksheets, we didn’t do any paper and pencil, it was all hands on, creating something.

Trying to figure out a way to make the flipped class work, considering all the videos are online and half my kids didn’t have internet, was difficult at first, the kids would bring in flash drives if they had a computer, or i would burn a dvd if they had a dvd player, or we had a school-wide class set of iPod Nanos, and I would put videos on those and check those Nanos out, or they could show up before or after school.

Four months into school, at the end of November, we were able to purchase some iPhone 4s with a grant that we’d gotten for the flipped classroom, and so all of my 5th grade students got an iPhone 4 with a preinstalled version data plan that was filtered through our same school filtering software.

The way I would love to see my classroom evolve over the next couple of years, is that it become a 100% student-led environment where they are creating these almost professional-looking projects, even at a fifth grade age, projects that would compete with what adults are creating in their careers. Where all of their learning revolves around them designing and creating and sharing with others. Because our kids are sharing 24 hours a day.

Which is why he is our teacher of the week.

Todd: You can be successful in your students gaining knowledge by being an excellent teacher without technology. But I think our job as a teacher now is not just to provide some knowledge to our students. our job as educators is to prepare our students for the world they are entering. and the world they are entering, whether we agree with it or not, is a world that is filled with technology.

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